3 Easy Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Everyone is on a budget these days (myself included) so here are a few ideas to help save you money on your wedding day!  These are just my opinion, so for what it’s worth…

1) Omit Ceremony Programs – After running music for 100′s and 100′s of ceremonies, I noticed that guests use the programs as a fan or to block the sun from their eyes, and then right after the ceremony is over…they get thrown in the trash.  True, a few make it to a beloved scrapbook, but for the most part, I feel that forgoing the Wedding Ceremony Program is one area where you could save time and money and skip it all together.

2) Unnecessary Hors D’oeuvres – Many brides and grooms who do not see each other before the wedding ceremony, and decide to take photos together after the ceremony while their guests attend a “Cocktail Hour” may feel pressured to entertain their guests with Hors D’oeuvres in their 1 hour absence.  Having observed these cocktail hours first hand, I think that most guests are completely satisfied when they can have a drink from the bar, visit with new and old friends and family, and perhaps watch a photo montage of the bride and groom with their friends and family (creation and display of a photo montage is included with the services at Berry Acres).

3) Centerpieces and Wedding Favors – These costs can become one AND you can have some fun with it!  So instead of sending a favor home with every guest, save money.  You are probably going to have centerpieces on the tables so instead of hauling all that decor home with you and trying to figure out how to store it or get rid of it, let your guests take them home.  If you have a floral arrangement (or largest piece of the centerpiece) on the tables, maybe that piece could go home with the oldest lady seated at each table, or if you have candles, they can have a number or color coded sticker on the bottom that corresponds to a number or colored sticker on the bottom of the guests plate, then they get to take the candle home.  Just some ideas to let the guests have a little fun and get to take a little part of your day home with them.

From Rocky Ridge to Berry Acres

On June 1, 2013 my husband, Alan, and I acquired the local Odessa, Missouri landmark, Rocky Ridge Clydesdale Ranch.  Our dream of owning a wedding venue had become a reality, but there was so much work to be done first.

Let me back up and introduce myself.  I am Angela Berry and Alan and I own BerryGood Light and Sound, a successful DJ company in Kansas City.  For the last 10 years we have had the pleasure of DJing in many many wedding venues in the Greater Kansas City area.  We were not your typical DJs who just show up and play some music.  We were very dedicated to our craft and our clients.   We would meet with our clients several times before their wedding to ensure all requests were met.  We would even meet with brides at their venue to help with the layout of the room and design a flow so guests could have a great time and we could provide optimum sound.  Alan, a native of Moberly, MO, is almost obsessed with quality sound.  He would always want speakers to be located and controlled so the guests on the dance floor were getting enveloped in the sound, while the folks seated at the tables could still hear to talk and not have to yell at the person next to them.  I loved DJing too, but feel into the role of coordinator more naturally.  My background is primarily airline customer service and Marriott Hotel management, so working with people is a passion of mine.  I love planning weddings and answering questions along the way to a ceremony and reception.

So, after 10 years of DJing and seeing what other venues offer, how the flow is, flipping rooms, windy outdoor ceremonies, having event staff and not having event staff, and all kinds of other fun stuff, we started to design Berry Acres.  What a ride it has been.


Out with the old... Horse wash-bay concrete being taken out.

Out with the old…
Horse wash-bay concrete being taken out.

New Concrete in the Chapel Room

New Concrete in the Chapel Room

Garage Doors that separate the Chapel Room from the Great Room.

Garage Doors that separate the Chapel Room from the Great Room.

Bride’s Room at Berry Acres

One of my favorite areas of Berry Acres is the Bride’s Room!

The Brides at Berry Acres pull their car right up to their private entrance.  As they enter the Brides Hall, they have 3 doors to choose from…they can enter the Great Room, the Women’s Restroom, or their private dressing room – all the while staying completely hidden from their guests.

One thing we noticed many times as DJs was that brides are always hot.  If you have a small room with a dozen girls in it with lights, curling irons, hair straighteners, etc. things can get pretty warm.  As we designed Berry Acres, we wanted brides to control the climate in their own area, so our Bride’s Room had it’s own heating and air conditioning controls.  The Bride’s Room also has a  10 foot counter with a 10 foot mirror with ample outlets for the wedding party ladies to get ready, white leather sofas, and fabulous natural light.

Here are some photos to show the Bride’s Room being built.

Getting a game plan together to get concrete poured for the Bride's Room, Groom's Room and Nursery.

Getting a game plan together to get concrete poured for the Bride’s Room, Groom’s Room and Nursery.



Bride's Room windows at Berry Acres let in natural light

Bride’s Room windows at Berry Acres let in natural light

Love that calming sage color on the walls!

Love that calming sage color on the walls!