Lights out…


I had a rather neat and unusual experience this last week with my husband. A semi truck ran into a light pole a couple miles from our house and effectively knocked out the electricity for every house in the area. Our power was out for a total of 6 hours. Needless to say, no one looks forward to no lights, cold dinner, and the winter chill seeping in. But what my husband and I found was a *bright* silver lining. Without any electricity, we didn’t have anything to do but talk to each other…no TV, no Internet, no music, no distractions. I quickly wrangled up every candle I had in the house and every blanket–it was a whopping 18 degrees out that night–and we set up shop in the bedroom with our dogs. We were having such a good time just talking, snuggling down into the covers, and having a peaceful moment for once, we decided we liked the power being out. 5 seconds later, our ceiling fan started moving. Que the electricity coming back on haha. Now my husband looks at me and says, “That’s too bad, I was just starting to enjoy myself,” and I thought, why can’t we unplug once in awhile and be totally plugged into each other?! With no distractions! No technology to steer us away from our relationship! Facebook friends aren’t going to notice if you ignore them , but your spouse sure will. So pick a night once a month (come on, once a month! You can do it!) and stay completely off the grid. Keep your cellphone, TV, computer, tablet, Ipod, and anything else S.M.A.R.T. and electronic OFF. You may even want to turn out the lights and burn some candles–it’s romantic, don’t you know :) But unlike us, you don’t have to freeze to death (aka leave your heater on!) or eat a cold dinner. But enjoy the time, the real in-the-moment time you get with one another. And you never know, you might discover your spouse has all kinds of things to say, but with all the technological distractions, you just haven’t been able to hear.

Look what we got in the mail!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing everyone a beautiful and happy Valentine’s Day :) Be sure to spend it with someone (or at least something!) that you LOVE :) <3


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