Bridal Open House

Special thanks to Chelsea Cora Photography for the beautiful image!

Chelsea Cora Photography

It’s time again for a Berry Acres Open House! Come check out our property, vendors, catering, decor and more! Hope to see you Sunday, August 28 from 3-6 pm! Please RSVP–as always, no charge!

Sunday, August 28, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CDT)

Berry Acres – 6825 Missouri 131, Odessa, MO 64076

Do you have the honor of being Maid of Honor?!

Check out these awesome tips from Perfect Wedding Guide on all that comes with being your besties Maid of Honor in her big day!



Why You Want A Brunch Reception

Why should you do a brunch-style reception instead of a late night dinner? It really all comes down to the amazing food. Sure, we’ve all been to LOTS of evening weddings, with only chicken on the menu. Why  not jazz it up a bit and go a completely different direction? Rather than Sunset ceremony, why not Sunrise?! Instead of specialty beers, why not specialty mimosas? You can even leave directly for your honeymoon that evening, instead of waiting until you recover from shutting down a 2 am reception. Grandma might even stick around past cake cutting since it’s not past her bedtime :P Here are just a couple of the amazingly delicious food options you can host for your brunch extravaganza & wow your guests!

To start, you can’t just have a traditional white cake with icing. Why not a Crepe Cake instead?! :D They come in all sorts of sizes & flavors, chocolate included!!

crepe cakecrepe cake herbscrepe cake heartscrepe cake oranges crepe cake smallcrepe cake chocolate

Or how about this scrumptious Italian pastry?

Italian wedding cakeItalian wedding cake up close

Or just throw caution to the wind and have doughnuts :)

donutsdonuts bardonuts bar 2

Doughnut holes are just as legal!

donut holes

Waffle Bar up next!

waffle bar chalkboard sign waffle bar

Or if you’re more of a pancake-person, that works too! Or even better, make it mini!

mini pancakes pancake on a stick pancakes plus syrup

A Biscuit Bar just because :)

biscuit bar biscuit chalkboard biscuit stand

Create-Your-Own Omelette Station for some extra protein!

omlette bar omlette station 2 omlette station

And what’s breakfast without a little fresh fruit?

fruit cupsfruits waffle coneschocolate nuts fruit

Bacon flavored EVERYTHING!

  • Bacon cupcakes

bacon cupcake

  • Bacon wrapped in pancakes

bacon pancake

  • Bacon PLUS chocolate = enough said.

chocolate bacon

  • Bacon cocktails, featuring Bacon Bourbon, Bacon Bloody Mary, and Bacon Martini

bacon bourbonbacon bloody marybacon martini

  • Or just a straight-up bacon bar, just the way you like it!

bacon bar

And for some extra spice (pun intended!) have a Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar!

mimosasmimosas barbloody mary bar 2 bloody mary chalkboard barsip sign

If these pictures haven’t already convinced you that you HAVE to do a brunch reception, I don’t know what would! YUM! All photos, of course, credit to Pinterest :) Search for yourself for even more delicious brunch ideas!

Berry Acres Bridal Open House Feb 21st

The very first Berry Acres Open House of 2016! Come out to sample our catering, view the property, & meet with some of our amazing vendors! Sunday, Feb. 21 from 3-6 pm! Please RSVP for free at to reserve your spot!

Bridal Open House Feb 21 2016

Berry Acres receive’s The Knot Best of Weddings 2016!

OH MY GOODNESS!! I’m sorry but we couldn’t wait to share!!! Berry Acres received The Knot Best of Weddings for the second year in a row :) 

TheKnot Best of Weddings 2016

Berry Acres receive 2016 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award!

For the second time in a row, Berry Acres has received the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award!!! Thank you so much to all of our wonderful brides and their families for writing us such wonderful reviews to help win this award!

Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award 2016

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Berry Acres Bridal Open House Nov. 29th

Our last Berry Acres Open House of the year! Don’t miss this chance to try our catering, tour the property, & see all that our great vendors have to offer! Please RSVP for free for Sunday, Nov. 29th from 3-6 pm!

BA Open House Nov 29, 2015 Invite

Discount for Spring Wedding Dates!

Only a handful of dates left here at Berry Acres! Email to schedule a tour now and receive 10% off the rental fee for these great dates! Mar. 12 and Apr. 2 & 23!! (Photo courtesy of Nadia Bohnert Photography)


10 Menu Cards That Look Good Enough To Eat

Menu cards are a simple way to dress up your place setting. But that does not mean your menu cards have to be plain. Here are some gorgeous menu cards that make you hungry just looking at them!

Bold Courses

bold courses

Filling The Plate

circle on plate plated circle example

Diagonally Delicious

diagonally delicious

Glitz N Glam


Think Outside The Flower

flat flower

Meal Catcher

fortune tellers

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

pictures talk

Perfectly Placed(mat)

place mat

Light N Airy


All Wrapped Up

wrap the utensils


Are you planning to do Menu Cards? What fun ideas do you have? :)  (and of course, thanks to Pinterest for providing our inspiration!)

10 Wedding Invite Trends You Just Might Love

Your wedding stationary is the first item guests see of your plans, setting the tone for your event and giving them a glimpse of the glory to come. So they are not an item to be pushed to the bottom of your planning list. It’s important for your invites to not only reflect your wedding theme and decor, but also to reflect yourselves as a couple. Read: Make it personal! Always :) So here are some of the steal-worthy trends we found for wedding invites (and many of them overlap each other, they’re just soo popular!). Drum roll please!

1. Floral

You can never go wrong with a good flower. They are, after all, often the center of attention (aka your centerpieces lol) at a wedding. This trend is perfect for garden, rustic, and nature themes  :)

floral floral 8 floral 7 floral 6 floral 4 floral 3 floral 2

2. Metallic

Bling! Bam! Pow! Certainly the eye catcher of the group. This is an easy way to make your invites pop and set the tone for a glam event. Perfect for modern, glittery, or black-tie themes :)

metallic 3 metallic 4 metallic 5 metallic

3. Laser cut

Which is just a boring word for Lacey :) This design makes your invites appear lighter and more delicate. Perfect for vintage, rustic, and traditional themes :)

laser cut 3 laser cut 4 Tri-Fold Laser Cut Gold by B Wedding Invitations laser cutlaser cut 6

4. Chalkboard

Who doesn’t love this trend? Give your invites that dusty chalk look while your white, whimsical letters pop against a black background to wow guests. Perfect for rustic, eclectic, and DIY themes :)

chalkboard 3 chalkboard 4 chalkboard 5 chalkboard 6 chalkboard 7 chalkboard 8 chalkboard

5. Watercolor

These are just truly beautiful invites. Not for those who want to draw between the lines, these invites are much more free-flowing. Perfect for colorful,  casual siorres, winery, and beach themes :) 

watercolor 3 watercolor 4 watercolor 5 watercolor watercolor2

6. Art Deco aka Gatsby

This has become extremely popular look thanks to the release of the movie Gatsby and a certain fascination with the Prohibition. This is of course perfect for era-themed weddings (aka the 20s), Great Gatsby, and can achieve a modern or a vintage look.

gatbsy art deco gatsby art deco 2 gatsby art deco 3 gatsby art deco 4 gatsby art deco 5 gatsby art deco 6 gatsby art deco

7. Wood(land)

This is a very fun trend. Use of trees, bark, actual wood pieces makes for a visually interesting invites and can certainly make a statement for what you stand for. Perfect for lodge, nature, and rustic themes :)

wood 2 wood 3 wood 4 wood 5 wood 6 wood 7 wood 8 wood 10 wood 11 wood 12 wood 13 wood 14 wood

8. All Tied Up

This trend really allows for more interactive invitations. Guests have fun getting into your invite and it’s obvious you really took the time putting them all together. Perfect for rustic, vintage, and casual themes :)

tied 2 tied 5 tied 6 tied tied3 tied4

9. Whimsical

Some of my favorites, as these defy all font rules! Get really creative with the size, type, direction, and general layout of your words on these invites. Perfect for DIY, eclectic, and garden themes :)

whimsical whimsical 6 whimsical 5 whimsical 3 whimsical 2whimsical 7 whimsical 8

10. Patterns

Be brave, be bold! Repeating any pattern that you love (dots, stripes, chevron, quatrefoil, diamonds, morrocan, etc) can certainly make a statement about your event and is easily continued on in other places (i.e linens, backdrops, cakes, bouquet ribbons, centerpieces). Perfect for modern, casual, and destination events.

pattern 3 pattern 4 pattern 5 pattern 6 pattern 7 pattern 8 patterns 2 patterns

And all of this beautiful inspiration can of course be found on Pinterest :) What invite speaks to you? How can you make the trend YOURS? :)

Bridal Open House!!

Join us for our quarterly Bridal Open House, featuring some FANTASTIC vendors, DELICIOUS catering, WONDEROUS property tours, & decoration inspiration for your big day! Sunday, April 26 from 3 – 6 pm! RSVP now for FREE :)

Open House Apr 26, 2015



Lights out…


I had a rather neat and unusual experience this last week with my husband. A semi truck ran into a light pole a couple miles from our house and effectively knocked out the electricity for every house in the area. Our power was out for a total of 6 hours. Needless to say, no one looks forward to no lights, cold dinner, and the winter chill seeping in. But what my husband and I found was a *bright* silver lining. Without any electricity, we didn’t have anything to do but talk to each other…no TV, no Internet, no music, no distractions. I quickly wrangled up every candle I had in the house and every blanket–it was a whopping 18 degrees out that night–and we set up shop in the bedroom with our dogs. We were having such a good time just talking, snuggling down into the covers, and having a peaceful moment for once, we decided we liked the power being out. 5 seconds later, our ceiling fan started moving. Que the electricity coming back on haha. Now my husband looks at me and says, “That’s too bad, I was just starting to enjoy myself,” and I thought, why can’t we unplug once in awhile and be totally plugged into each other?! With no distractions! No technology to steer us away from our relationship! Facebook friends aren’t going to notice if you ignore them , but your spouse sure will. So pick a night once a month (come on, once a month! You can do it!) and stay completely off the grid. Keep your cellphone, TV, computer, tablet, Ipod, and anything else S.M.A.R.T. and electronic OFF. You may even want to turn out the lights and burn some candles–it’s romantic, don’t you know :) But unlike us, you don’t have to freeze to death (aka leave your heater on!) or eat a cold dinner. But enjoy the time, the real in-the-moment time you get with one another. And you never know, you might discover your spouse has all kinds of things to say, but with all the technological distractions, you just haven’t been able to hear.

Bridal Open House!

Our first Open House of the New Year! Come try our catering, talk with local vendors, and tour our beautiful property! Don’t miss this chance to see all that Berry Acres has to offer for your big day! Sunday, January 18th from 3pm – 6pm  Please RSVP at (it’s free!)

Bridal Open House Jan 18

Ringing in the New Year :)

Just wanted to officially announce that Berry Acres received Best of Weddings 2015 from TheKnot and Couple’s Best Choice Award from Wedding Wire!! YAYAYAY :) :) :) So excited that our first year went so well, can’t wait for everything 2015 holds in store! Thank you to all our brides who help make us awesome!

Knot best of 2015


Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award