10 Epic Spots To Get Married In Missouri That’ll Blow Guests Away

So thankful to be one of Missouri’s “epic” spots to get married! Click on the image to see the article!


Abundant Moments Photography

Bridal Open House

Special thanks to Chelsea Cora Photography for the beautiful image!

Chelsea Cora Photography

It’s time again for a Berry Acres Open House! Come check out our property, vendors, catering, decor and more! Hope to see you Sunday, August 28 from 3-6 pm! Please RSVP–as always, no charge!

Sunday, August 28, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CDT)

Berry Acres – 6825 Missouri 131, Odessa, MO 64076

Ericka + James 6-25-16

Beau Vaughn Photography :)

James&Ericka-008 (1280x853) James&Ericka-098 (1280x853) James&Ericka-156 (1280x853) James&Ericka-234 (1280x853) James&Ericka-338 (1280x853) James&Ericka-341 (1280x853) James&Ericka-361 (1280x853) James&Ericka-424 (1280x853) James&Ericka-428 (1280x853) James&Ericka-445 (1280x853) James&Ericka-454 (1280x853) James&Ericka-519 (1280x853) James&Ericka-549 (1280x853) James&Ericka-553 (853x1280) James&Ericka-555 (1280x853) James&Ericka-673 (853x1280) James&Ericka-714 (853x1280) James&Ericka-757 (1280x853) James&Ericka-783 (1280x853)

Katie + Kyle 8-1-15

Expressions Photography :)

IMG_6104 IMG_6105 IMG_6106


How to set for a rustic Christmas :)

Things began to get festive here at Berry Acres. So naturally, in our barn wedding venue, a Berry Christmas would not be complete without a rustic table set for the upcoming cheer! Here are some pointers for how you can create your own rustic holiday :)

Start with your color scheme. Rustic holidays are not full of glittery gold and lime green. Think softer tones…cranberry red, baby’s breath white, rich burgundy, light cream, imperfect silvers, any range from tan to brown, forest green, light blacks, any shade of grey, etc. We decided to go with burlap and burgundy:

unnamed (15)


Next think about your centerpieces. You want to always start with your base, something that screams “I’m rustic, duh.” Even if you put the world’s most expensive diamond on a wood circle, people would still think,  ”Look at that lovely rustic jewel.” So naturally we used some of our wood circles with a lovely antique wooden box.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

Then you have to decide what “pretties” to put into your centerpieces. There are so many options here, ranging from flowers to fruit (which includes a whole host of rustic container options), Christmas decor (like ornaments) to candles. We decided to go with candles. We have the dripless kind (aka no wax pooling down the side and all over your beautiful linen/table). Odd numbers ALWAYS! No matter what! And with rustic centerpieces, always make your arrangements perfectly imperfect, to give a more natural, easy feel.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

To finish your centerpieces off, you’ll need some “fluff.” This is the filler stuff, the ooo ahhh details. Ribbon, garland, fake snow (anything fluffy & white, Pinterest is full of ideas for this!), antlers, rustic bells, letters or words (made out of some other awesome materials like twine or wood), burlap, (again) ornaments….We decided to go with grapevine balls, pine cones, and moss.  One thing to keep in mind with rustic decor, if you can use something from nature, DO IT. Nature is the mother of rustic. Embrace the nature! So pine cones, grapevine balls, and moss it was :)

unnamed (7) unnamed (8) unnamed (9) unnamed (12)

Now that your centerpieces are all finished, you’re thinking you’re done. WRONG!  Biggest mistake of decorating is forgetting the place setting. The devil is in the details and this is no exception. You don’t have to have extravagant china or eighteen forks per plate set out to do what I’m talking about. Just need to pull your rustic theme to the individual guest. Think about your napkin fold, how your silverware is arranged, what your name cards look like (do you even need name cards in the first place?), what you can add to your drinking glasses (how about a little something around the stem/handle?), can you bring nature into the place setting too??

We really wanted to bring more of the Christmas spirit to the plate, so we decided on a snow man inspired place setting:

unnamed (10) unnamed (6)

unnamed (13)Again, details! Notice the twine for the snowman’s scarf? :P

unnamed (11)

unnamed (5)Here are a couple more ideas for the finishing touches for your plates (of course, thank you to Pinterest for the great inspiration!):

d70221d23eedca53dd03a0b6e4684641 c02d5fab86d155738ed12c5a4dd13395 bd8044b67a483bf0468a80c550cffa81 acef2abc9a5a85bd2e2f5e54fec85545 88246ed14128b18956c6ecfc209cadf6 009112a96ac582bf69e5b43720c7f629 33a892b3c5214773c1528003b852e807 30a43f2eaf2367057dd6e8311a177c1d 8c914617bd192d7c66e896a42086c510

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And here is another Christmas I attended this year, complete with their own rustic centerpiece :)

unnamed (14)

Have any examples of your own? Share them with us!



Berry Acres LED Video Dance Floor!!

For those who have not personally been out to Berry Acres, we have a one-of-a-kind video dance floor, made up of 37,000 (!) LED lights with 2 inches of bullet proof and temperate glass to let you see every brilliant display perfectly and still rock the night away. We have thousands of available designs and patterns to choose from, which can be displayed on both the dance floor and every flat screen television in Berry Acres. All of our designs’ and down lights’ colors can be customized to match your specific wedding palette, making the room instantly yours. Pair our dance floor with down lights around the room, flat screen LED televisions (perfect for photo montages!), stage production lighting, custom displayed monograms,  and surround sound from Grund Audio and your guests won’t ever want to leave the party! Here are some shots of our custom-made dance floor while it was being installed months ago and present day’s gorgeous finished product! But don’t take my advice for it, come see it for yourself at Berry Acres in Odessa, MO–home of the world’s first video dance floor!

dance floor1 dance floor2 dance floor3 dance floor4 dance floor5 dance floor6 dance floor7unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (6) unnamed (7) unnamed (8) unnamed (10) unnamed (11) unnamed (20) unnamed (28 unnamed 26 unnamedJust look at that down lighting + production lighting! Color variety is the spice of life :P unnamed (5) unnamed (13) unnamed (14)

Now for some amazing dance floor and lighting shots from our Berry Acres Real Weddings! Special thanks to JSi Photography, Abundant Moments Photography, and Donnaven Moser Photography for the beautiful shots! (along with a shout out to my iPhone for the rest, haha!)

IMG_0009 IMG_0072IMG_0046 unnamed (12) unnamed (15) unnamed (16) unnamed (17) unnamed (24) 115 JSi Photography - Berry Acres 130 JSi Photography - Berry Acres 140 JSi Photography - Berry Acres AfavephotoDS106 AfavephotoDS118 JL3A0145 JL3A0258 JL3A0513 JL3A9548 robert and staci reception 041