Berry Acres Christmas Round Two (thousand and 15)

The Grinch Stole Berry Acres’ Christmas! Can you spot him?! And what do you think of our Dr. Seuss trees? :P

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Berry Acres Bridal Open House Nov. 29th

Our last Berry Acres Open House of the year! Don’t miss this chance to try our catering, tour the property, & see all that our great vendors have to offer! Please RSVP for free for Sunday, Nov. 29th from 3-6 pm!

BA Open House Nov 29, 2015 Invite

Berry Acres Real Wedding | Kelsey + Brian 6-13-15

Abundant Moments Photography :)

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10 Menu Cards That Look Good Enough To Eat

Menu cards are a simple way to dress up your place setting. But that does not mean your menu cards have to be plain. Here are some gorgeous menu cards that make you hungry just looking at them!

Bold Courses

bold courses

Filling The Plate

circle on plate plated circle example

Diagonally Delicious

diagonally delicious

Glitz N Glam


Think Outside The Flower

flat flower

Meal Catcher

fortune tellers

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

pictures talk

Perfectly Placed(mat)

place mat

Light N Airy


All Wrapped Up

wrap the utensils


Are you planning to do Menu Cards? What fun ideas do you have? :)  (and of course, thanks to Pinterest for providing our inspiration!)

10 Wedding Invite Trends You Just Might Love

Your wedding stationary is the first item guests see of your plans, setting the tone for your event and giving them a glimpse of the glory to come. So they are not an item to be pushed to the bottom of your planning list. It’s important for your invites to not only reflect your wedding theme and decor, but also to reflect yourselves as a couple. Read: Make it personal! Always :) So here are some of the steal-worthy trends we found for wedding invites (and many of them overlap each other, they’re just soo popular!). Drum roll please!

1. Floral

You can never go wrong with a good flower. They are, after all, often the center of attention (aka your centerpieces lol) at a wedding. This trend is perfect for garden, rustic, and nature themes  :)

floral floral 8 floral 7 floral 6 floral 4 floral 3 floral 2

2. Metallic

Bling! Bam! Pow! Certainly the eye catcher of the group. This is an easy way to make your invites pop and set the tone for a glam event. Perfect for modern, glittery, or black-tie themes :)

metallic 3 metallic 4 metallic 5 metallic

3. Laser cut

Which is just a boring word for Lacey :) This design makes your invites appear lighter and more delicate. Perfect for vintage, rustic, and traditional themes :)

laser cut 3 laser cut 4 Tri-Fold Laser Cut Gold by B Wedding Invitations laser cutlaser cut 6

4. Chalkboard

Who doesn’t love this trend? Give your invites that dusty chalk look while your white, whimsical letters pop against a black background to wow guests. Perfect for rustic, eclectic, and DIY themes :)

chalkboard 3 chalkboard 4 chalkboard 5 chalkboard 6 chalkboard 7 chalkboard 8 chalkboard

5. Watercolor

These are just truly beautiful invites. Not for those who want to draw between the lines, these invites are much more free-flowing. Perfect for colorful,  casual siorres, winery, and beach themes :) 

watercolor 3 watercolor 4 watercolor 5 watercolor watercolor2

6. Art Deco aka Gatsby

This has become extremely popular look thanks to the release of the movie Gatsby and a certain fascination with the Prohibition. This is of course perfect for era-themed weddings (aka the 20s), Great Gatsby, and can achieve a modern or a vintage look.

gatbsy art deco gatsby art deco 2 gatsby art deco 3 gatsby art deco 4 gatsby art deco 5 gatsby art deco 6 gatsby art deco

7. Wood(land)

This is a very fun trend. Use of trees, bark, actual wood pieces makes for a visually interesting invites and can certainly make a statement for what you stand for. Perfect for lodge, nature, and rustic themes :)

wood 2 wood 3 wood 4 wood 5 wood 6 wood 7 wood 8 wood 10 wood 11 wood 12 wood 13 wood 14 wood

8. All Tied Up

This trend really allows for more interactive invitations. Guests have fun getting into your invite and it’s obvious you really took the time putting them all together. Perfect for rustic, vintage, and casual themes :)

tied 2 tied 5 tied 6 tied tied3 tied4

9. Whimsical

Some of my favorites, as these defy all font rules! Get really creative with the size, type, direction, and general layout of your words on these invites. Perfect for DIY, eclectic, and garden themes :)

whimsical whimsical 6 whimsical 5 whimsical 3 whimsical 2whimsical 7 whimsical 8

10. Patterns

Be brave, be bold! Repeating any pattern that you love (dots, stripes, chevron, quatrefoil, diamonds, morrocan, etc) can certainly make a statement about your event and is easily continued on in other places (i.e linens, backdrops, cakes, bouquet ribbons, centerpieces). Perfect for modern, casual, and destination events.

pattern 3 pattern 4 pattern 5 pattern 6 pattern 7 pattern 8 patterns 2 patterns

And all of this beautiful inspiration can of course be found on Pinterest :) What invite speaks to you? How can you make the trend YOURS? :)

Bridal Open House!!

Join us for our quarterly Bridal Open House, featuring some FANTASTIC vendors, DELICIOUS catering, WONDEROUS property tours, & decoration inspiration for your big day! Sunday, April 26 from 3 – 6 pm! RSVP now for FREE :)

Open House Apr 26, 2015



{Food} Bars of a Different Feather

Candy bars have definitely made their mark on weddings for 2014! But are there other kinds of food future weddings can throw into the mix? You bet! Here are just a couple awesome ideas we found, thanks to Pinterest!

First, for the desserts!

Pie bar :)

8b379d177af414292a144e2fda246174 30c012a38cf461d89358e5ed2381a1fd 540f230ac0bd71da934b6dec5dd1d50d

Chocolate fountain bar :)

63235bbc65644e6b87962bb1e5c56ae0 fb8aa4fc2737c3e18927ee4b2d96c9fd

Cheesecake shooters bar :)


Ice cream bar :)

19fd65398bcdb3829c21ed914efb4907 bfe1f44f784425b79506d61ef44845d9

Cookie bar :)

8c48e46f3c5c988efb5a37be37b015b4 02617557d0e7a887808a573134a81cd8

S’mores bar :) (we do this btw!!)

37dfe2ed45b1a75266b9b4a2817e2407 55e66c1f55fbed3661f0e2ec53bf1054 43286e64824492f20839df8aa3b6f6eb 522196d834fde1f4e6e0f9d19c1bf8f5 ef4bcf65250b30047f19d251e11e9c9a

Shortcake bar :)


Caramel/Candy apple bar :)

01d4da28cb348edbf717314b04d7cca2 89de67d14ef23d2945f4bdd6f1f9ea35 a4f605aaf63c0f968ff7c0a6ae171620

Build-your-own cupcake bar :)


Now for the savory!

Chips + Salsa bar :)

a700d3e035efaa5e4a8cce5cba6b3b49 ab9958b2c02ac4822a3bbad8c468ce14

Seafood bar :)

7a9d3ab5765e33b2eee5a547a518d235 Laurel McConnell Photography

Sushi bar :)


Mashed potato bar :)

3bbd1aa02284e8982529442a02cb3e0f 558e5ec58295edab4f51ae6f3f0e247e c663b8cded7e6eb8865bb997e3ec8e4a

Sliders bar :) (we do this too!)


Grilled cheese bar :)


Carnival food bar :)


Taco bar :)

928618029674c8c57c137239d2798a4b e31e650977a0235d5657c4698f2c92b4

Chili bar :)


Pasta bar :)


Popcorn bar :)


Veggie + fruit bar :)

2f09ed02754c0b1824a034b8ca450294 b54ad45be5d8f37eaa87e1d99c5bcbe0

Bread + toppings galore bar :)

0643b32d1a64ac709c5a8f2ba79641c7 c36babe8e2e2d0d74ff4f388e9a2ba7c


Onto the beverages!

Mimosa bar :)

8bc480a5165dbd6300cefee9f4e47c74 62c881756969fd4ec02f4f59921a1d9a

Bloody mary bar :)


Hot chocolate bar :)

db63a667d13d73e0d338202a486550d2 fa7b5092e42c2f263e701f90cfbc0c48


Welcome to the world of breakfast! (my favorite section!!!!)

Biscuit bar :)


Waffles bar :)


Pancake bar :)

437772ce84a8a1286c81e6398fa7d0729c70282e23f5bee36997e3168557d5e2 fd96a30fc6b8c628d62c7746b174dd65

Crepes bar :)

687143380bffef11a3853d112377744a 040b373126e502cf894e34529a788bad

Yogurt bar :)

adc5c562800f8853524ce4a0dc9096dc 6ae2c02ded14a7990b5461007e144fd8

Donuts bar :)

d6568863a638c8e08c91935aa2e3b912 fbd5042cfb3bdf8d74cc7e57c020d9a3and lastly, French toast bar :)


Just think how much fun your guests would have with one of these! I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry now!

Arches Galore: An Array of Arch Ideas, Both the Different and the Traditional!

Arches seem to be the go-to these days for making your outdoor ceremony (and indoor!) feel more like the “traditional  altar” found in church ceremonies. Here is quite the compilation of wedding arch ideas, made from all sorts of mediums and materials, to give you ideas for what you want to do for your big day! Some are quirky, some are simple, some are over the top, and some of these examples have been used right here in Odessa at Berry Acres! Thanks to all the wedding boards on Pinterest for letting me raid your beautiful arch photos!

Let’s start out with some rustic lovelies! 

Here are two examples made from trees–one more of a mountain wedding from Birch/Aspen tree branches, and the other is more beachy with the gorgeous driftwood


drift wood

Rustic barn beams can be an especially beautiful way to bring wood elements into your ceremony arch–I did this for my own wedding (photo on the right! :D)

barn beams

MY arch









Grapevines are another natural looking medium


And look here! Grapevine Pomanders :)

grapevine pomanders

Doors and windows are another great way to designate the end of your aisle, while not having to take the traditional “arching above your head” lookdoors3doorsdoors2

windowWindow arch

And here they used just the door frame–it looks fantastic!

Just the frame!

This old dresser is an especially unusual yet wonderfully rustic chic idea!

old dresser

Your arch doesn’t have to be this structural either–check out these soft arches made from fabric




Don’t be afraid of those bold colored fabrics either!

fabric boldfabric bold2

These arches are a bit more abstract and still give a very natural feel


A more heavy-duty arch can be made from wrought iron or even barbed wire!

barbed wire

wrought iron













Now for the truly different arches!!

Use a ladder!


Ladder at night!

ladders night

Which brings us to arches made out of lights!!

lightslanterns + tree

mason jars



Colored ribbons!

colored ribbons

Whoa, ribbon overload!

ribbon overlaod

For book lovers EVERYWHERE


This one looks a little easier to construct in my opinion

books alternative

Books AND trees! Yay :)

books +trees

And oh my gosh the paper!

paper flowerpaper flower2paper pinwheelspaper pinwheels smaller

paper flower upclose



oversized flowers

fourth of julypaper cranes


















If you’re having the wedding at home, this would be a super easy for your door ways!

in the home baby birds

Paper +Light = Paper lanterns

paper lanterns2

paper lanterns

Let’s not forget the fantastic floral arches that started it all












And you can still manage to maintain the floral look but spice it up by going for unusual foliage (succulents people!)

exotic plants succulentsexotic plant










Giant palm leaves just tied together and stuck in the ground–how easy is that?!

exotic plant palms

exotic plant fluffy tropicalexotic plant2










For fall, think leaves!

exotic plant leaves



Our last and absolute favorite because it is so easy to do and make it your own~

chalkboard 2