Kansas City Perfect Wedding Guide

Flashback Friday to the amazing wedding of Reshma and Neel! Thank you Kansas City Perfect Wedding Guide.

Reshma and Neel

Reshma and Neel


Brittany + Justin 10-17-15

Specials thanks to JSi Photography & Wild Hill Flowers for the gorgeous photos & floral arrangements :)

886260_10153213712160988_7827475520578711779_o (1000x667) 886362_10153213711290988_6941965424249437579_o (1000x667) 10557623_10153213729715988_1513231743969954213_o (1280x853) 12402154_10153213712995988_5879569357149049673_o (1000x667) 12402197_10153213709620988_5775750254125972873_o (1000x667) 12402197_10153213716610988_3576672811516382730_o (853x1280) 12418800_10153213712225988_379925244592186825_o (1000x667) 12418876_10153213711445988_5599783545577316889_o (667x1000) 12419198_10153213720380988_6042817873730634319_o (1280x853) 12419374_10153213725355988_6847524267984164473_o (1280x853) 12440469_10153213721275988_780132253302046563_o (1280x853) 12465774_10153213731925988_3881407687112539767_o (1280x853) 12465936_10153213711985988_4784507457352854177_o (1000x667) 12465941_10153213709280988_1934365889836678330_o (1000x667) 12466261_10153213728565988_4046785336008224571_o (1280x853) 12466284_10153213712730988_8872312321295568952_o (1000x667) 12466317_10153213711320988_2647281802735505119_o (1000x667) 12466380_10153213717450988_762445421448026909_o (1280x853) 12469363_10153213726890988_4542551114439838477_o (1280x853) 12469363_10153213729155988_7394726243915353202_o (1280x853) 12469372_10153213712495988_3023928057410115662_o (1000x667) 12469424_10153213727630988_387913557531957409_o (1280x853) 12469474_10153213711825988_5216566516373291853_o (1000x667) 12469525_10153213721335988_8248940018770049272_o (1280x853) 12469609_10153213725765988_5734344382287047972_o (1280x853) 12471452_10153213732565988_1750250616108425878_o (1280x853) 12471483_10153213712515988_5923770193058307798_o (1000x667) 12471489_10153213711785988_7656445486923859425_o (1000x667) 12471584_10153213722255988_3187914716210557363_o (1280x854) 12471595_10153213711950988_4273921098569704739_o (1000x667) 12471606_10153213709405988_6511181070531519265_o (1000x667) 12473822_10153213707625988_4926501036747260701_o (990x660) 12473822_10153213726390988_3902225670533583261_o 12473825_10153213711580988_7600369483506422276_o 12484749_10153213717300988_7042848957839418008_o 12489415_10153213716625988_5307307838298553228_o (1280x853) 12491979_10153213708300988_3248955136724914487_o (1000x667) 12491983_10153213720295988_1194246864665226981_o (1280x853) 12493690_10153213712635988_6333391960945486191_o (1000x667) 12493691_10153213711525988_2681018675233551536_o (1000x667) 12493796_10153213711820988_7692972903600889183_o (1000x667) 12493796_10153213717935988_3594310130739604550_o (1280x853) 12493985_10153213711505988_5985332730221068929_o (1000x667) edited (990x660) edited2 (990x660) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 001 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 004 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 005 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 006 (1280x854) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 007 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 008 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 009 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 010 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 011 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 012 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 013 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 014 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 015 (1280x854) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 016 (1280x854) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 017 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 018 (853x1280) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 019 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 020 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 021 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 022 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 023 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 024 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 025 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 026 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 027 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 028 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 029 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 030 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 031 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 032 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 033 (1280x854) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 034 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 035 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 036 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 037 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 038 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 039 (1280x854) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 040 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 041 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 042 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 043 (853x1280) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 044 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 045 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 046 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 047 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 048 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 049 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 050 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 051 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 052 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 053 (1280x853) JSi Photography - Berry Acres - Justin Brittany 054 (1280x853)

Jessica + Adam 6-27-15

Abundant Moments Photography :)

906005_10155780213975427_3691170774555191125_o 1557389_10155780194655427_3493892303809476453_o 10380055_10155780202905427_1860780797724339818_o 10926251_10155780213430427_3445434028496211920_o 11011022_10155780204820427_8930328213920027773_o 11023815_10155780203375427_3543558048352521874_o 11111077_10155780193210427_6882216975473725521_o 11142429_10155780203680427_5230941252603264951_o 11142429_10155780209700427_1392940699131930097_o 11221546_10155780201195427_3895828034605037643_o 11231039_10155780195075427_6183839083248696273_o 11236558_10155780213595427_2522306940763569841_o 11262216_10155780205285427_8640347305502918329_o 11267463_10155780194310427_7965776097649623149_o 11312752_10155780216845427_6571298973917816511_o 11334002_10155780195025427_5063316668074064416_o 11402406_10155780210400427_5334140865383181774_o 11406502_10155780216725427_2650526303640597354_o 11698908_10155780200220427_5323009709673050681_o

Ashley + Dillon 8-29-15

Doug Oatman Photography :)

Ashley & Dillon20150909_0004 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0031 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0043 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0044 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0049 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0051 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0054 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0057 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0058 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0066 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0068 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0095 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0110 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0120 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0124 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0125 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0139 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0146 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0150 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0152 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0153 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0155 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0158 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0160 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0161 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0174 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0175 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0176 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0187 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0194 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0201 (640x427) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0203 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0204 (640x427) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0220 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0221 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0222 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0231 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0236 (427x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0253 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0261 (640x427) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0267 (640x427) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0273 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0275 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0278 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0280 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0301 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0305 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0311 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0322 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0326 (512x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0333 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0338 (512x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0339 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0347 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0348 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0351 (428x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0352 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0377 (503x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0380 (503x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0386 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0398 (640x427) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0400 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0402 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0406 (640x427) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0419 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0423 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0428 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0440 (503x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0444 (640x503) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0445 (640x428) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0457 (503x640) Ashley & Dillon20150909_0459 (640x428)

Berry Acres Real Wedding | Kelsey + Brian 6-13-15

Abundant Moments Photography :)

FAVESBK003 (1280x853) FAVESBK012 (853x1280) FAVESBK017 (1280x853) FAVESBK018 (1280x853) FAVESBK019 (1280x853) FAVESBK021 (1280x853) FAVESBK030 (853x1280) FAVESBK032 (853x1280) FAVESBK036 (1280x853) FAVESBK039 (853x1280) FAVESBK042 (1280x853) FAVESBK045 (853x1280) FAVESBK052 (1280x853) FAVESBK054 (1280x853) FAVESBK057 (853x1280) FAVESBK060 (1280x853) FAVESBK080 (1280x853) FAVESBK088 (853x1280) FAVESBK090 (1280x853) FAVESBK093 (1280x853) FAVESBK098 (1280x853) FAVESBK100 (1280x853) FAVESBK102 (1280x853) FAVESBK109 (1280x853) FAVESBK115 (853x1280) FAVESBK119 (1280x853) FAVESBK121 (853x1280) FAVESBK130 (853x1280) FAVESBK131 (853x1280) FAVESBK132 (853x1280) FAVESBK136 (853x1280) FAVESBK167 (853x1280) FAVESBK170 (853x1280) FAVESBK178 (853x1280) FAVESBK197 (853x1280) FAVESBK200 (1280x853) FAVESBK206 (1280x853) FAVESBK207 (1280x853) FAVESBK208 (1280x853) FAVESBK210 (853x1280) FAVESBK218 (853x1280) FAVESBK233 (1280x853) FAVESBK236 (853x1280) FAVESBK247 (1280x853) FAVESBK251 (1280x845) FAVESBK262 (1280x853) FAVESBK271 (1280x853) FAVESBK276 (1280x853) FAVESBK284 (853x1280) FAVESBK285 (1280x853) FAVESBK293 (1280x853) FAVESBK300 (1280x853)

Bridal Open House!

Our first Open House of the New Year! Come try our catering, talk with local vendors, and tour our beautiful property! Don’t miss this chance to see all that Berry Acres has to offer for your big day! Sunday, January 18th from 3pm – 6pm  Please RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/berry-acres-bridal-open-house-tickets-14921263902 (it’s free!)

Bridal Open House Jan 18

Ringing in the New Year :)

Just wanted to officially announce that Berry Acres received Best of Weddings 2015 from TheKnot and Couple’s Best Choice Award from Wedding Wire!! YAYAYAY :) :) :) So excited that our first year went so well, can’t wait for everything 2015 holds in store! Thank you to all our brides who help make us awesome!

Knot best of 2015


Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award

Ashlyn + Josh 12-19-14

Our last wedding of 2014 :) Great way to end our first year! Thank you to Dan Daly Photography!

12829_10203338180238498_3421842923041104653_n 1501792_10203338180718510_8657982745768731171_n 10153735_10203339187023667_452915585796141988_n 10376726_10203338176158396_1077896822989878001_n 10385470_10203338171798287_3804171252508402534_n 10395847_10203338177758436_4984760651614980709_n 10415552_10203338182638558_674937708674004409_n 10422530_10203338170278249_6535909479371292623_n 10516753_10203338175198372_3026633262512760745_n 10690185_10203338181278524_8041945768040173737_n 10882162_10203339183023567_526111559942011080_n 10882218_10203338169518230_615559548909712745_n 10885293_10203338178558456_7368759026054321343_n 10885438_10203338168358201_1278350793169745589_n 10885492_10203339180783511_5522543420654370633_n 10888881_10203338175758386_3845046849197731257_n 10891453_10203340464095593_3625643556831233606_n 10891777_10203338170998267_9040534996024072451_n 10897058_10203338176758411_7020391644521341731_n 10897753_10203339182423552_7631549037600553711_n 10898301_10203339183623582_5485435092463091462_n 10906439_10203342966198144_8797934690235148287_n

Katie + Jared 10-18-14 :)

Berry Acres Real Wedding | Little House Photography

13797_10100663639498491_1853253945444272888_n 960196_10100663638799891_1586950621327341852_n 1017566_10100663641848781_3872645200140028067_n 1469915_10100663640666151_2180404326372597389_n 1535441_10100663639628231_7738855658972782119_n 1780861_10203518605702145_2697321081022011754_n 10246636_10100663642233011_8065907097217968660_n 10247206_10100663640431621_2943874295233308786_n 10343656_10100663641923631_1303081877127726910_n 10359547_10203518605622143_8056562512207874960_n 10363798_10100663644892681_5044822515446588239_n 10374485_10100663639398691_4415727444996598120_n 10395163_10100663638894701_3769415756510745139_n 10415557_10203518605262134_807935969113883486_n 10424983_10203518605942151_4932268113038938906_n 10425106_10100663641394691_1397016996876581267_n 10442499_10100663643595281_6082687331676507192_n 10488032_10100663643834801_4794905714276422855_n 10511281_10203518605302135_8597314793291153514_n 10649447_10100663645810841_6235128093446270577_n 10710880_10203518605222133_4644588993769068350_n 10858358_10100663641359761_1042655214303106594_n 10868049_10100663645017431_3968285450902374617_n 10881633_10100663641943591_7757534314296050286_n 10885039_10100663639129231_4544132313768523641_n 10885066_10100663643380711_1045211660386106357_n 10885158_10100663639273941_2493661274260573400_n 10885375_10100663644134201_5962236553615389089_n 10885428_10100663639518451_4334664839478855499_n 10888411_10100663641594291_7896997556480033809_n 10888810_10100663642103271_7806214507571542827_n 10888974_10100663642821831_7538530322934156267_n

How to set for a rustic Christmas :)

Things began to get festive here at Berry Acres. So naturally, in our barn wedding venue, a Berry Christmas would not be complete without a rustic table set for the upcoming cheer! Here are some pointers for how you can create your own rustic holiday :)

Start with your color scheme. Rustic holidays are not full of glittery gold and lime green. Think softer tones…cranberry red, baby’s breath white, rich burgundy, light cream, imperfect silvers, any range from tan to brown, forest green, light blacks, any shade of grey, etc. We decided to go with burlap and burgundy:

unnamed (15)


Next think about your centerpieces. You want to always start with your base, something that screams “I’m rustic, duh.” Even if you put the world’s most expensive diamond on a wood circle, people would still think,  ”Look at that lovely rustic jewel.” So naturally we used some of our wood circles with a lovely antique wooden box.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

Then you have to decide what “pretties” to put into your centerpieces. There are so many options here, ranging from flowers to fruit (which includes a whole host of rustic container options), Christmas decor (like ornaments) to candles. We decided to go with candles. We have the dripless kind (aka no wax pooling down the side and all over your beautiful linen/table). Odd numbers ALWAYS! No matter what! And with rustic centerpieces, always make your arrangements perfectly imperfect, to give a more natural, easy feel.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

To finish your centerpieces off, you’ll need some “fluff.” This is the filler stuff, the ooo ahhh details. Ribbon, garland, fake snow (anything fluffy & white, Pinterest is full of ideas for this!), antlers, rustic bells, letters or words (made out of some other awesome materials like twine or wood), burlap, (again) ornaments….We decided to go with grapevine balls, pine cones, and moss.  One thing to keep in mind with rustic decor, if you can use something from nature, DO IT. Nature is the mother of rustic. Embrace the nature! So pine cones, grapevine balls, and moss it was :)

unnamed (7) unnamed (8) unnamed (9) unnamed (12)

Now that your centerpieces are all finished, you’re thinking you’re done. WRONG!  Biggest mistake of decorating is forgetting the place setting. The devil is in the details and this is no exception. You don’t have to have extravagant china or eighteen forks per plate set out to do what I’m talking about. Just need to pull your rustic theme to the individual guest. Think about your napkin fold, how your silverware is arranged, what your name cards look like (do you even need name cards in the first place?), what you can add to your drinking glasses (how about a little something around the stem/handle?), can you bring nature into the place setting too??

We really wanted to bring more of the Christmas spirit to the plate, so we decided on a snow man inspired place setting:

unnamed (10) unnamed (6)

unnamed (13)Again, details! Notice the twine for the snowman’s scarf? :P

unnamed (11)

unnamed (5)Here are a couple more ideas for the finishing touches for your plates (of course, thank you to Pinterest for the great inspiration!):

d70221d23eedca53dd03a0b6e4684641 c02d5fab86d155738ed12c5a4dd13395 bd8044b67a483bf0468a80c550cffa81 acef2abc9a5a85bd2e2f5e54fec85545 88246ed14128b18956c6ecfc209cadf6 009112a96ac582bf69e5b43720c7f629 33a892b3c5214773c1528003b852e807 30a43f2eaf2367057dd6e8311a177c1d 8c914617bd192d7c66e896a42086c510

d5f73a1477e083562658594f2cf47ec2 34f1eedc8b1b4e63b6b24b475d4fcb9b d12f3a5a02d444bb9790cca8335fd6b2 bcc32ea61009355ce0de48d51c4d6782 d8a5d9ccb59fc8b3fc4794d16995b8a8 c0ae70e017477dc4757689da4f6d5839

And here is another Christmas I attended this year, complete with their own rustic centerpiece :)

unnamed (14)

Have any examples of your own? Share them with us!



{Food} Bars of a Different Feather

Candy bars have definitely made their mark on weddings for 2014! But are there other kinds of food future weddings can throw into the mix? You bet! Here are just a couple awesome ideas we found, thanks to Pinterest!

First, for the desserts!

Pie bar :)

8b379d177af414292a144e2fda246174 30c012a38cf461d89358e5ed2381a1fd 540f230ac0bd71da934b6dec5dd1d50d

Chocolate fountain bar :)

63235bbc65644e6b87962bb1e5c56ae0 fb8aa4fc2737c3e18927ee4b2d96c9fd

Cheesecake shooters bar :)


Ice cream bar :)

19fd65398bcdb3829c21ed914efb4907 bfe1f44f784425b79506d61ef44845d9

Cookie bar :)

8c48e46f3c5c988efb5a37be37b015b4 02617557d0e7a887808a573134a81cd8

S’mores bar :) (we do this btw!!)

37dfe2ed45b1a75266b9b4a2817e2407 55e66c1f55fbed3661f0e2ec53bf1054 43286e64824492f20839df8aa3b6f6eb 522196d834fde1f4e6e0f9d19c1bf8f5 ef4bcf65250b30047f19d251e11e9c9a

Shortcake bar :)


Caramel/Candy apple bar :)

01d4da28cb348edbf717314b04d7cca2 89de67d14ef23d2945f4bdd6f1f9ea35 a4f605aaf63c0f968ff7c0a6ae171620

Build-your-own cupcake bar :)


Now for the savory!

Chips + Salsa bar :)

a700d3e035efaa5e4a8cce5cba6b3b49 ab9958b2c02ac4822a3bbad8c468ce14

Seafood bar :)

7a9d3ab5765e33b2eee5a547a518d235 Laurel McConnell Photography

Sushi bar :)


Mashed potato bar :)

3bbd1aa02284e8982529442a02cb3e0f 558e5ec58295edab4f51ae6f3f0e247e c663b8cded7e6eb8865bb997e3ec8e4a

Sliders bar :) (we do this too!)


Grilled cheese bar :)


Carnival food bar :)


Taco bar :)

928618029674c8c57c137239d2798a4b e31e650977a0235d5657c4698f2c92b4

Chili bar :)


Pasta bar :)


Popcorn bar :)


Veggie + fruit bar :)

2f09ed02754c0b1824a034b8ca450294 b54ad45be5d8f37eaa87e1d99c5bcbe0

Bread + toppings galore bar :)

0643b32d1a64ac709c5a8f2ba79641c7 c36babe8e2e2d0d74ff4f388e9a2ba7c


Onto the beverages!

Mimosa bar :)

8bc480a5165dbd6300cefee9f4e47c74 62c881756969fd4ec02f4f59921a1d9a

Bloody mary bar :)


Hot chocolate bar :)

db63a667d13d73e0d338202a486550d2 fa7b5092e42c2f263e701f90cfbc0c48


Welcome to the world of breakfast! (my favorite section!!!!)

Biscuit bar :)


Waffles bar :)


Pancake bar :)

437772ce84a8a1286c81e6398fa7d0729c70282e23f5bee36997e3168557d5e2 fd96a30fc6b8c628d62c7746b174dd65

Crepes bar :)

687143380bffef11a3853d112377744a 040b373126e502cf894e34529a788bad

Yogurt bar :)

adc5c562800f8853524ce4a0dc9096dc 6ae2c02ded14a7990b5461007e144fd8

Donuts bar :)

d6568863a638c8e08c91935aa2e3b912 fbd5042cfb3bdf8d74cc7e57c020d9a3and lastly, French toast bar :)


Just think how much fun your guests would have with one of these! I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry now!

Rustic Beyond the Mason Jar

Not that we don’t LOVE the mason jar. But if you’re looking for something fresher for your centerpiece, do not despair! There are so many creative ways to be JUST as rustic and chic as the good ol’ mason. Here are just a handful of the ideas we found on Pinterest. And yes, there are a lot! Which tells you how many options you have out there for your gorgeous wedding! :D

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Megan + Dustin 10-4-14

Berry Acres Real Wedding :)  Special thanks to Rebecca Schrier Photography for the beautiful shots!

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Hanna + Mike 11-1-14

SUCH A GORGEOUS WEDDING :) Thank you to Three Three Photography for these beautiful shots

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Antlers…at a wedding??


The answer is, YOU BET! Now that hunting season is upon us, antlers have been on my mind. There are so many uses in weddings, and they can look as elegant, rustic, or down right red neck as you want. Here are just a couple examples of antler decor I found with some loving help from Pinterest :)

The easiest use is probably for a centerpiece. Pair it with flowers:









Or with candles:




LOVE LOVE LOVE them as candelabras!!



Or with candles AND pine cones:



Or…pumkpins?? Who knew :)





You can always paint the antlers to glam them up a bit (although it seems a bit sacrilegious lol):




Use them on your arch:



or AS your arch :P


Have an antler chandelier:



Or use the skull and all…

Guest book!


by the cake?! >.<


Or these more “unrealistic” replicas if the real deal is too much for you ;)


e547e72dac978255bd18379beaa55d52Stationary is another great use without over whelming your guests in rustic-ness





Save the date pics :)


Or this bridal party pic, clearly their having a good time lol


And lastly for decor, you can always just have a box of antlers sitting around. Cuz you’re cool like that and we all know it :D