Reshma + Neel 5-29-16

Beau Vaughn Photography :)

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Why You Want A Brunch Reception

Why should you do a brunch-style reception instead of a late night dinner? It really all comes down to the amazing food. Sure, we’ve all been to LOTS of evening weddings, with only chicken on the menu. Why  not jazz it up a bit and go a completely different direction? Rather than Sunset ceremony, why not Sunrise?! Instead of specialty beers, why not specialty mimosas? You can even leave directly for your honeymoon that evening, instead of waiting until you recover from shutting down a 2 am reception. Grandma might even stick around past cake cutting since it’s not past her bedtime :P Here are just a couple of the amazingly delicious food options you can host for your brunch extravaganza & wow your guests!

To start, you can’t just have a traditional white cake with icing. Why not a Crepe Cake instead?! :D They come in all sorts of sizes & flavors, chocolate included!!

crepe cakecrepe cake herbscrepe cake heartscrepe cake oranges crepe cake smallcrepe cake chocolate

Or how about this scrumptious Italian pastry?

Italian wedding cakeItalian wedding cake up close

Or just throw caution to the wind and have doughnuts :)

donutsdonuts bardonuts bar 2

Doughnut holes are just as legal!

donut holes

Waffle Bar up next!

waffle bar chalkboard sign waffle bar

Or if you’re more of a pancake-person, that works too! Or even better, make it mini!

mini pancakes pancake on a stick pancakes plus syrup

A Biscuit Bar just because :)

biscuit bar biscuit chalkboard biscuit stand

Create-Your-Own Omelette Station for some extra protein!

omlette bar omlette station 2 omlette station

And what’s breakfast without a little fresh fruit?

fruit cupsfruits waffle coneschocolate nuts fruit

Bacon flavored EVERYTHING!

  • Bacon cupcakes

bacon cupcake

  • Bacon wrapped in pancakes

bacon pancake

  • Bacon PLUS chocolate = enough said.

chocolate bacon

  • Bacon cocktails, featuring Bacon Bourbon, Bacon Bloody Mary, and Bacon Martini

bacon bourbonbacon bloody marybacon martini

  • Or just a straight-up bacon bar, just the way you like it!

bacon bar

And for some extra spice (pun intended!) have a Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar!

mimosasmimosas barbloody mary bar 2 bloody mary chalkboard barsip sign

If these pictures haven’t already convinced you that you HAVE to do a brunch reception, I don’t know what would! YUM! All photos, of course, credit to Pinterest :) Search for yourself for even more delicious brunch ideas!