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Arches Galore: An Array of Arch Ideas, Both the Different and the Traditional!

Arches seem to be the go-to these days for making your outdoor ceremony (and indoor!) feel more like the “traditional  altar” found in church ceremonies. Here is quite the compilation of wedding arch ideas, made from all sorts of mediums and materials, to give you ideas for what you want to do for your big day! Some are quirky, some are simple, some are over the top, and some of these examples have been used right here in Odessa at Berry Acres! Thanks to all the wedding boards on Pinterest for letting me raid your beautiful arch photos!

Let’s start out with some rustic lovelies! 

Here are two examples made from trees–one more of a mountain wedding from Birch/Aspen tree branches, and the other is more beachy with the gorgeous driftwood


drift wood

Rustic barn beams can be an especially beautiful way to bring wood elements into your ceremony arch–I did this for my own wedding (photo on the right! :D)

barn beams

MY arch









Grapevines are another natural looking medium


And look here! Grapevine Pomanders :)

grapevine pomanders

Doors and windows are another great way to designate the end of your aisle, while not having to take the traditional “arching above your head” lookdoors3doorsdoors2

windowWindow arch

And here they used just the door frame–it looks fantastic!

Just the frame!

This old dresser is an especially unusual yet wonderfully rustic chic idea!

old dresser

Your arch doesn’t have to be this structural either–check out these soft arches made from fabric




Don’t be afraid of those bold colored fabrics either!

fabric boldfabric bold2

These arches are a bit more abstract and still give a very natural feel


A more heavy-duty arch can be made from wrought iron or even barbed wire!

barbed wire

wrought iron













Now for the truly different arches!!

Use a ladder!


Ladder at night!

ladders night

Which brings us to arches made out of lights!!

lightslanterns + tree

mason jars



Colored ribbons!

colored ribbons

Whoa, ribbon overload!

ribbon overlaod

For book lovers EVERYWHERE


This one looks a little easier to construct in my opinion

books alternative

Books AND trees! Yay :)

books +trees

And oh my gosh the paper!

paper flowerpaper flower2paper pinwheelspaper pinwheels smaller

paper flower upclose



oversized flowers

fourth of julypaper cranes


















If you’re having the wedding at home, this would be a super easy for your door ways!

in the home baby birds

Paper +Light = Paper lanterns

paper lanterns2

paper lanterns

Let’s not forget the fantastic floral arches that started it all












And you can still manage to maintain the floral look but spice it up by going for unusual foliage (succulents people!)

exotic plants succulentsexotic plant










Giant palm leaves just tied together and stuck in the ground–how easy is that?!

exotic plant palms

exotic plant fluffy tropicalexotic plant2










For fall, think leaves!

exotic plant leaves



Our last and absolute favorite because it is so easy to do and make it your own~

chalkboard 2