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Our Story

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    The Berry Family Alan / Angela / Sydney

  • Alan and I were married in 2004. At that time, Alan was a wedding DJ with over 10 years of experience and I was a general manager for Marriott. It was apparent from the beginning we both had a love for the customer service industry. Alan always encouraged me to become a DJ too, and before I knew it, we were both out with our sound systems and light shows DJing weddings all over the Kansas City area.

    Every weekend we were off to different venues, sometimes working together and sometimes separately. Often after events, we’d share our experiences with each other regarding the specific venues - what worked, what could have been better, how well the space flowed or didn’t, how effective the sound and light systems were or weren’t, etc. etc. Before long it was evident that our long-term goal was to take what we had learned and incorporate it into our own design and ultimately our own wedding venue.

    We had a dream. I can’t tell you how many times we would talk about what it would take to start our own venue. How much would it cost to buy land and build a building? Where should it be located? How do we take what we have learned and build into the venue? What about catering, sound systems, lighting? The list went on and on, but it was fun dreaming!

    In 2013, the planets aligned for us and we were able to purchase a perfect track of land and a beautiful barn, a previous home to Clydesdales. Instantly, we had that blank canvas for our ideas and creation and Berry Acres was born. Alan is the visionary in the family and integrated our ideas, learnings and experiences into our new venue, just the way we had always talked about. Berry Acres was ultimately designed and built specifically to give every couple the perfect wedding day.

    Berry Acres has a guest capacity of 500. When the property across the street conveniently became available in the spring of 2016, we decided give brides and the local community a smaller, more private setting – The Hilltop. This venue can accommodate up to 110 guests for weddings and small events such as parties, meetings, fundraisers, etc.

    We can’t believe that we are so blessed with two beautiful venues and are so excited to share them with you and your family!